Educator's Award 2017 - 2018 will be at Vadodara.

A good teacher is like a candle, consuming itself to light the way for others. They are like planters, - they plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime. To the world, a teacher may be just a teacher, but to a student, that teacher is a star, a role-model. Teachers, who love teaching, teach children to love learning. It is truly said that 'to teach a child is to touch a future’ 

We believe, teachers themselves are rewards to our society. We also believe, if a society wants to reward a teacher, it should be such, where the teachers are paid well, freed from misguided mandates, treated with respect, and provided the support they need to help their students become increasingly proficient and enthusiastic learners. 

We are delighted to announce our gratitude towards the teachers of our society in the form of THE OPEN PAGE EDUCATOR'S AWARD for the year 2017-18. 

May the seeds you plant today, be the flowers that bloom tomorrow!  

  • "Recognition in preprimary education I never thought off, my whole life I have worked with the kindergarten children and it is the field which builds foundation and prepares for the transition for primary education, am thankful to The Open Page Educators Award and congratulate them for the good work done."
    Ms. Sushma Patel
    Pre-Primary Educator Award Winner
  • "I teach in a very small school and prepare my own syllabus to teach the school children and today my efforts have received the recognition only because of The Open Page Educators Award. I am also thankful to the whole team who guided me how to apply for the award."
    Ms. Nikita Vyas
    Elementary Educator Award Winner
  • "I am travelling all the way to Patan and am pleased and proud to receive the award for Principal Category, this is surely a motivating one, also I came to know about The Open Page the news paper for School Students and now I will be sending write ups for the paper, too. I congratulate the team for the event executed so well."
    Dr. Lakshman bhai Chaudhari
    Principal High Secondary School
  • "I feel humble and equally honored to receive the award, and I congratulate The Open Page Educators Award team to give special recognition to each education vertical, this is surely motivating and inspiring to work more. Thank you so much."
    Dr. Griva Shah
    Special Education Educator Award
  • "Initially I felt little surprised to know that a parent can receive the recognition as educator as what we do for our children are our duties, but The Open Page Educator has made me and my daughter felt special and blessed."
    Mr. Tikendra Raval
    Parent Educator Award
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