"Tripāda"(त्रिपदा) the very name tripada suggests a trio. "Tri", meaning "three", and "Pāda" in Sanskrit language means "feet".

The learner, the teacher and the parents form the foundation of a school. Tripāda nurtures these three indispensible pillars of education - hence the name Tripāda. Tripada also means "Gayatri" i.e.  Divine energy.  Goddess Tripada is also known as Saraswati, Laxmi and Durga.

It was established in the year 1968 on Rathyatra Day by our Founder, Chairman and Managing trustee, Late Shri. Labhubhai Bhatt and other trustees Dr.  Kirit bhai Vaidya (Charter Trustee, now in U.S.A.), Mr. Keshu bhai Sathwara, and Mrs. Kumudlata ben L. Bhatt.

 Mr. Archit L. Bhatt, the Managing Director gave wings to the dreams of the Trust and its institutions; and ever since, it has been on a continuous path of improvement in the field of education and academic research and training.

The trust has established various educational institutions catering to various sectors and strata of the society. It has also successfully established a name for itself in providing contemporary, conventional & non-conventional education.

4th Floor, Vishwa Arcade
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