Shri. Budhidhan M. Trivedi - Veteran - Educators Award -2014-15

The effort taken to recognize the work of academicians is commendable. I congratulate to Shri. Archit Bhai to continue the legacy of Shri Labhubhai Bhatt, in the form of award and recognition. The Open Page is on the drive to make brand ambassadors of Education.

Sir Walter Peter - Jury Member - Educators Award 2014-15

It is honorable and feels remarkable to choose the deserving candidate in the diversified fields of education. This award will continue to have an esteemed position in coming years. My best wishes to the team for wonderful job.

Ms. Ruzan Khambatta - Jury Member - Educators Award 2014-15

I congratulate the Open Page team for this event, it was very well conducted and am happy that not only school academics but also from the social service field of education candidates had applied for the award. Having conducting this event The Open Page has added the responsibility on winners to see that their contribution overcomes their existing benchmark.


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