Dear Educators,

"Together we grow", is a very profound and impressive thought which has enabled humans to form many Nations and Continents. With the evolution of our intellect, evolved a pattern to communicate, and necessities gave birth to inventions, and inventions in turn inspired innovators and entrepreneurs. 

The rapid pace of growth today has brought to the fore compelling issue of effective management of the educational programs so as to better prepare our youngsters for the fast evolving competitive environment. While the primary focus of most of the private schools and institutes is on filling up of the seats in their various courses, there are others who are focusing their energies on overall quality of education and making their students more employable so that they can make meaningful contribution towards making India a true superpower in the coming years.

The Award recognizes the professional contributions and academic achievement of an individual/organization in the area of education. The Awards will focus on the education sector and the challenges and opportunities in this field. These awards are in recognition of the immense and invaluable contribution to society by such teachers, since we truly believe that teachers themselves are a reward to society. We strongly maintain that if a society indeed wants to reward a teacher, they should be monetarily reimbursed appropriately, freed from misguided mandates, treated with utmost respect and provided all the necessary support they need to help students become proficient and enthusiastic learners. This is an expression of gratitude towards such teachers who have positively transformed so many lives. The Educators Awards ceremony will provide a wonderful opportunity to stakeholders in the field of education, to create opportunities of progress at all Levels – international, national, regional and local.

 Love, learn, share is the mantra each individual should adopt and become a teacher to one's own self. Let us pledge to unite and make this world a better and happier place for all of us to live in.

Luck, care, and love to all.



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