The Open Page Educators Award

The Educator Excellence award is a recognition of laurel to academicians and mentors, the craftsmanship shown in this wooden carved trophy is symbolic representation of the work that an educators carry while practising the education

The earliest symbolic Indian mythological mention of Goddess Saraswati in Rigveda has been significant since Vedic age representing knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. This piece of fine craftsmanship has the "vahana" of Goddess Saraswati  as a facilitators representing educators posing with wisdom, grace and beauty in the form of hansa: (the swan). Since the Vedic era the swan is considered the symbol of purity, peace and harmony.
The pencil is a symbolic representation allowing us to improve our aura of work. The books represents the quality traits among the educators expecting them to  impart education with love, learn and share.

The shloka " Saha hate Viksita vayam" representing together we grow is in itself represents the education fraternity where "The Open Page" strives to achieve its mission through this excellence award giving recognition to the education community by making it more valuable.
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